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For a pattern to be concrete, we must test. There is a library with elements that help test a Triple Store.


dev_dependencies:  triple_test: any  mocktail: any

Use triple_test for Unity Test.

Create a Mock#

import 'package:bloc_test/bloc_test.dart';
class MockCounterStore extends MockStore<int> implements CounterStore {}...
final mock = MockCounterStore();

Now creates a stud for the method on Triple Store.

whenObserve<int>(    mock,    input: () => mock.testAdd(),    initialState: 0,    triples: [      Triple(state: 1),      Triple(isLoading: true, event: TripleEvent.loading, state: 1),      Triple(state: 2),    ],  );

NOTE: You can use Triple Matchers: tripleState, tripleLoading e tripleError;

Testing Stores#

The flutter_test gives us the test() function to describe what will be tested in a prepared scope. triple_test makes it easier to test Triple Stores using storeTest().

  storeTest<TestImplementsMock>(    'Testing triple',    build: () => MyStore(),    act: (store) => store.testAdd(),    expect: () => [tripleLoading, 1],  );