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Getting Started

What is Flutter Triple?#

Triple is a nickname to SSP (Segmented State Standard). Some packages were created to make it easier for developers to start using the standard. We'll call it an extension.



add the following dependencies to your pubspec.yaml file:

dependencies:  flutter_triple: ^2.0.0


Import the package in your code with:

import 'package:flutter_triple/flutter_triple.dart';

How to use?#

Create a Store#

Create a class that extends Store<State>. The first type is the type of the error, the second is the type of the state.

class CounterStore extends Store<int> {  CounterStore() : super(0);
  void increment() => update(state + 1);  void decrement() => update(state - 1);}

Consume with Listeners, Builders and Consumers#

Consume the store with scopes ScopedBuilder, ScopedListener and ScopedConsumer.

class CounterPage extends StatefulWidget {  @override  _CounterPageState createState() => _CounterPageState();}
class _CounterPageState extends State<CounterPage> {  final store = CounterStore();
  @override  Widget build(BuildContext context) {    return Scaffold(      appBar: AppBar(        title: Text('Counter'),      ),      body: ScopedBuilder<CounterStore, int>(        store: store,        onLoading: (context) => Center(child: CircularProgressIndicator()),        onError: (context, error) => Center(child: Text(error.toString())),        onState: (context, state) => Center(          child: Text(            '$state',            style: Theme.of(context).textTheme.headline4,          ),        ),      ),      floatingActionButton: Row(          mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.end,          children: [            FloatingActionButton(              onPressed: store.decrement,              tooltip: 'Decrement',              child: Icon(Icons.remove),            ),            SizedBox(width: 5),            FloatingActionButton(              onPressed: store.increment,              tooltip: 'Increment',              child: Icon(Icons.add),            ),          ],        ),    );  }}